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Operation: Chocolate Freedom

(confessions of a chocoholic)

Tanya bleudragon
I am just a simple girl who wants to be queen of the world. Is it really too much to ask that everyone bow down before me? What if I promise to bake my special Rice Krispie treats?

That aside, I am the lovely lady Tanya bleudragon, aka Nefertanya dragongurl Ahhotep(ff.n), aka superpower-pnut(deviantart.com). Currently, I am busy with 2 major drawing projects: a stand-alone comic book, and illustrating a children's story. I still need copious amounts of help w/anatomy, but fellow AppleCorp member cattleworks is coping with that need nicely, I think.

I have a Zazzle store! It's called 'The Blue Cheetah Emporium', and features my computer art. Check it out, please, won't you?

make custom gifts at Zazzle

I volunteer at the local SPCA, where I am 'employed' as a digital photographer. In other words, I'm responsible for getting dozens of pets exposure. Yeah, baby, work it! I am also in the process of designing a logo for a new program they have.

My egyptian alter-ego is a fanfiction writer, currently enslaved to an 'opus magnum' of a fic based on the cartoon 'Loonatics Unleashed'. She prays that the end is in sight....

I have self-esteem issues, and occasionally suffer from depression, aggravated by a medical condition known as Graves', and exacberated by the fact I need a new job, but can't afford more education b/c I'm up to my eyebrows in debt.

Let's shine on!:

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